Wednesday, January 25, 2012

snow bound!

   Last week kept us at home mostly because of the snow (well, I can drive my car in the snow but everything was closed and...) but mainly because of the colds, ear infections etc that were worming their way through our house. It was not good. The snow was so pretty to see but it was difficult to enjoy it super sleep deprived and in the midst of nurse maid duties and trips to the hospital. Our little lady, who is actually quite healthy, has terrible breathing problems when she gets a congested cold. Now we have an inhaler in the emergency arsenal so I'm happy to know it's there if/when we need it.
   Some of the snow days were so impossibly grey. Still, the kids managed to get out in it for a bit everyday. It was so so quite. Like everyone disappeared or something. I liked it. Our usually bustling city seemed deserted and small town-ish. Driving was THE BEST! No one was out on the roads. It was delightful, if a little slippery...

   I made some progress on the pile of work that needs to be finished up before I photograph and put them into the shop. There will be many little spring skirts for pretty little pixie girls! I'm all about the elastic waist-that way the skirt can grow with a girl. Elastic waist is so perfect for ladies under 12 or so!
   Here's the crazy cat lady cat face mug that we got at the estate sale up the street (we walked in the snow to get there). Everything was priced ridiculously high but this mug was a quarter and now there are 3 of us that seem to be fighting over using it. I love that it's ladylike china but with a jumbo cat face.
  Ok, back to sewing trims on tiny skirts. If the sun is with me tomorrow, I'll take pics and get listing. happy Wednesday friends! xo m

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