Wednesday, February 1, 2012

dream of spring

  Today was such a wonderful bright, and warm day. It really felt like spring and we were able to get outside, fix the fence (it's been falling apart for so long) and take a peek around the garden. The rhubarb is already starting to poke out! I'm hoping the warm days continue because the yard needs a lot of picking up and things need to be done now to get ready for early planting.
  I can't wait to have access to fresh food that's waiting just outside the back door. I still have a tiny bit of greens growing but they've been mainly a treat for the chickens.
   We've been eating sooo good! I've been true to my regime (with only a few minor slip ups- a glass of wine on occasion, and a coffee or two in the last few months) and it feels good to be vegan and staying off gluten and refined sugar (ok, there has been a secret dark chocolate bar living in the kitchen cupboard for the last week).
   My little assistant. She LOVES beads and jewelry and all my tools. I still can't find my wire snips or rosary pliers. She hid them.
  Sewing, making, organizing and curating my vintage inventory.  Working on my herbal products tomorrow. It has taken me forever to get my packaging, labels, stamps, tape, etc etc... I finally have nearly everything in place and look forward to adding some special treats to the shop... February is gonna be good! xo m


  1. LORDY you are inspiring with your food goals! i too have been off caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol since Jan 1 except one TINY drink from a friends "magic jar" at a show and two sample size dark chocolates yesterday since my aunt brought a whole bag full as gifts from Switzerland (she lives in the land of chocolate! omg!). i am VERY VERY psyched to see what else you are creating for your shop, girl!!!! and i am ALWAYS excited about Gossip Girl. i had no idea you were a fan. me and the hunny are in DEEP. (-:

  2. i love chuck bass (and nate!)... ooh girl, it's hard to be good with the food etc. temptation lurks round every corner!! mmmm chocolate...
    xo m

  3. It looks like you have been so very productive! I can't wait to see all the new stuff in your shop. We have been doing an elimination diet in solidarity with Oscar this month and man, it is super hard! I have had dark chocolate on more than a few occasions after the boys have gone to bed! xox


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