Sunday, January 15, 2012

before the snow...

   There are rumors and whispering that a HUGE snowstorm is headed this way. Weather reports are often wrong, so far we've had tiny dustings of snow. Today it's supposed to get crazy... We'll see. When there's even a bit of snow on the ground, this city pretty much shuts down, at least transportation wise, and the people who are out there driving, really should not be cuz they have no clue what they're doing... 
   On Friday I was tidying up my sewing area (/playroom/hallway/family room-our house is small and each room is multi-purpose) when the house became awash in the lovliest light! It was as if someone clicked on these perfect pinky-orange floodlights outside and it just came pouring in all the windows. I went to take a closer look of the setting sun out back...

wow!! Happy Sunday relaxing... xo m

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  1. Wow!! Such incredible photos!! I hope you guys are staying warm. xoxo


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