Wednesday, January 11, 2012

eating joyfully!

  After Christmas day I made a renewed commitment to eat super healthfully and prepare mindful meals every day. For me, this means being vegan, gluten free, sugar free, coffee free and alcohol free. I feel like I've been overdoing it with certain things (sugar is a real problem around here!) and I can't really moderate so I need to do a complete ban on problem items and I was vegan from age 10-23 and then when I got pregnant with my first child that conviction wavered. My littlest is very sensitive to gluten so it's best not to have it in the house. So anyways, it's been going well. The kids are happily eating everything I make and enjoying it. It's been fun making and trying new things.
 Miso soup with rice noodles, kale and tofu...

 phad see ew and panang curry w vegetables.
 red beans and rice with avocado and tempeh. salad w tahini (tahini is my favorite thing in the world!)
 chickpea curry w rice... (this was a yummy lunch at chaco canyon cafe)
crispy brown rice treats! so good. Just kind of threw together a few things cuz we were all needing a sweet treat.

Crispy rice treats:
5 cups brown rice crisps cereal
1 cup natural peanut butter
2/3 cup sweetener (I used 1/2 agave and 1/2 maple syrup)
pinch of salt
handful of raisins and currants (you could use natural chocolate chips to be really naughty...)

Put cereal in a large bowl. oil a 9x13 baking dish. melt sweetener and peanut butter over low in a small saucepan, add pinch of sugar, combine well. pour over rice crisps. add raisins, currants. mix well. press into dish. pat down firmly. It helps to refrigerate for about an hour it so it firms up well. cut into squares and eat! store in refrigerator.
so super yummy!

Happy Wednesday! xo m


  1. It is really inspiring to see you eating the foods that your body likes. I entered the New Year with a diet change, too- I had to stop all chocolate, caffeine, and alcohol. (all three of those things make my nervous system totally spaz out and give me fibrocystic breast lumps, which I really don't want to deal with right now, esp. cause my mom has been going through the whole breast cancer crap lately) I also watch my wheat intake, and I have an allergy to eggs. So basically I am a meat eating vegan (I was a real vegan for many years too). Then of course my hubby can't eat beans at all, and he is the only person on earth who feels like RICE disagrees with him. Sometimes I think it's so unfair that I have to be so limited in the kitchen, but the other option is to truly suffer. And there are SO MANY veggies to eat! thanks for the inspiring photos- i am gonna try the miso soup!

  2. um, no my man has the same probs as your man! haha. two peas in a pod! xo m


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