Saturday, September 3, 2011

summer dreams...

   Tonight, as we were walking home from a party, I could feel Autumn's edge on the evening air. Pretty soon it will be sweaters and blankets and hot cups of tea in hand all the time. School is starting very soon and I am trying to enjoy every last bit summer has to offer.
   A few mornings ago in the blueberry fields...
 This beautiful rooster stopped by to say hello. Oh how I want a rooster. Soon... soon. I have to keep rooster in my dreams for now but one day we will have a farm and a rooster, goats, horses...
   This tiny little nest was in a blueberry bush. I accidentally dropped a blueberry into it.

   Incense making experiments. Have been using my mortar and pestle a lot this summer. It helps that I took it out of the cupboard and can actually see it.  Down below are a few yard sale gems I got last weekend. I LOVE finding old kitchen and glassware.
  Now I need to get sleepy. I need to go pick blackberries early before I have to take kitty to get his stitches out. Thank goodness the time has come! A cat who has to wear a neck cone is one unhappy, unbalanced critter! xo m

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