Friday, September 2, 2011

happy birthday happy birthday

  My mans birthday was on Saturday (shhhhh, don't tell but he's 41!). Every year he makes a big deal of saying he doesn't want a cake or any gifts (why does he say this, I wonder??) but luckily I know better.  The cake was a big project but the kids helped and it turned out wonderful.

  Later we went to the tavern alone and they gave him the birthday chalice which is huge and holds 3 or 4 glasses worth. It didn't get finished. Happy Birthday Hot Stuff! xo m


  1. That cake looks crazy awesome! It looks like you made his day really special. :)

  2. Yum! Great job on the cake!
    Happy day!!! Happy Birthday!

  3. y'all, the cake WAS crazy!! I really wanted to bring it in the cake dept and well, it was brought! it was a good and not gluten free treat... xo m


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