Friday, September 9, 2011

school schmool...

  Trying to get into this new/old rhythm of school days. My mind is not cooperating and I have been unable to get to sleep the last few nights. I have been getting up early (6:30) but not early enough. The last few days have been a flurry or hurry to get out the door by 7:50. It's haaaaard! And next week the littlest starts her school back up (just two morning a week but still...)... I miss you summer. I want to pack up an rv and travel around the country chasing lazy warm weather. It's possible, right?

 Our "new" bbq! found by the side of the road several blocks away. sweet end of summer surprise.
   Labor day snack bbq buddies...

 BALLET! Someone is obsessed with ballet! Funny, is that in my dna or something? must be...
I'm so happy it's friday. But, I'm afraid the weekend will go by too quickly. xo m

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  1. Oh I love these photos!!! Oh those blonde curls and those cheeks!
    I love summer too. It seems like it just got hot here too. It goes by too fast when you have little ones. Enjoy this weekend day!


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