Wednesday, September 14, 2011

lazy days...

  I'm feeling sorta sick, like I'm fighting a back to school cold or maybe just the after effects of saturdays car crash-we're all ok buy I'm still sore... Maybe I'm just bummed, dealing with my old pal pms... Just spending a few days reading watching the occasional movie...

also, fall is setting in. xo m


  1. yikes, i am so glad you all are ok, that is so scary!! also, i love nick cave too much. <3

  2. nick cave is IT. last night I dreamt that I lived across the street from him and his kids were being little terrors and running him ragged, he looked extremely OLD. girl, the accident was terrifying... I still can't sleep... xo

  3. I am so glad you are okay! I was in a really bad wreck a few years back and it was a life-changing experience for sure. I did not want to be in a passenger seat of a car for a log while. It just might be time to watch my "Wings of Desire" dvd. xox, s


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