Friday, September 16, 2011

autumns approach...

  Technically, there are a handful of summer days left, but here, it's all autumn already. The temperature really dropped last night and I'm hoping it doesn't get too cold as I wanna squeeze a few more tomatoes out of this years wimpy harvest. If not, I LOVE fried green tomatoes! I need to make a few more batches of jam this week as we've been breezing through jar after jar.

   The squash are doing well and growing crazily...
   The little lady went back to preschool (just two mornings a week but still a very big deal for us).

  A late afternoon sunbreak through some real dark clouds... I'm taking it easy and trying not to be too demanding of myself, mentally and physically. The car accident last weekend left me feeling beyond wiped out and very bummed, adding to that a long lost high school friend passing away and I need some quiet time. This weekend will bring the county fair and some farm dreaming (looking at all the sweet animals gets me scheming about our future farm). Happy friday friends... xo m

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