Friday, August 19, 2011

postive summer love

    Awesome summer times are being had. Spending so much time with our new sweetheart lady friends and doing all sort of lovely summer things...
  I found this little push bike for $2.99 at the thrift store and she LOVES it so much. Tried to get Domino to ride it. Domino was not pleased.
*Making these dangerous little no bake cookies (which are pretty much more candy than cookie but dang they are gluten free!) and eating too many.

*spending afternoons foraging for blackberries and rosehips.

*picking green (and yellow) beans and checking the progress of the drying garlic (almost done!)

*going to the library pretty much everyday and loving it. Reading so many new books to the little lady and getting to order cds and dvds from the computer.

*Going to the plants store and bringing home new plant friends every week. 

*watering the garden at sunset and checking on the squash and cucumbers.

*planting seeds for the fall garden and walking around the neighborhood gathering seeds here and there (giant sunflowers, lupines, fennel).

  Enjoying amazing sunsets night after night. In love with these summer days. Tomorrow we're heading out early for one more outing to the blueberry fields. We might actually get sick of blueberries this winter! Hope your weekends is warm and wonderful. xo m

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