Monday, August 22, 2011

everything all the time forever...

  The last few days I've felt like I'm sifting through more thoughts in my head than I really process into words.  There has been much tea sipping and journal writing and rosary making (not a real "rosary" but beads and metal joined together rosary style...). Here's the sun room sitting spot where I try to slip away to with my morning tea.

   There was a ho-hum yardsale a couple weeks ago but I scored a ton of awesome cookie cutters (most were super old) for 10 cents each. I was really happy! I really needed a circle one. I got like, 10 circle ones.
   This teeny spade is a favorite.
  Ok, back to bead making and watching really tragic love stories where people die from exposure and prolonged sickness. I'm so romantic. xo m


  1. I so understand! I hope you find peace.
    Love the new loot! 10 cents!!??!! AWESOME! I love cookie cutters too.

  2. thank u...peace is sometimes so elusive!
    psst, Sadie! your outdoor room pics were the inspiration i needed to clean up my mudroom!! xo m


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