Thursday, August 18, 2011

blueberries & blackberries...

   I love berries and I love jam. I've gotten the chance to go berry picking so many times this summer and the jams are stacking up in the pantry (and the freezer is full of so many cups of wonderful fruit). The delicious and elusive boysenberry is still no where to be picked. I may have to break down and just buy a flat from the farmers market. All the places that used to have you-pick boysenberries are either mysteriously not open or closed... hmm...

  There are so many blackberries in our neighborhood so we go on a little berry picking walk daily. I think one last trip to get blueberries this weekend is in order.  I'm off to work on a special project for  friend. I'll post more on this tomorrow. Sweet Dreams! xo m

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