Wednesday, August 17, 2011

how does your garden grow??

   So there is sun now. And everything's growing. Really growing and it makes me so happy. I took these pictures a few days ago and already the squash has pretty much overtaken the new bed. Good! We didn't get a spring this year or much sun, this summer was so slow to appear but now... I hope it stays a while.

   Our green beans are so delicious. Steamed with a little salt and some red pepper flakes... mmm.

 the scarlet runner beans look so pretty, They've yet to produce a bean yet so we'll see...

Tomorrow we'll be having more beans and beets too. Our lettuce got mostly munched down to nubs because I forgot to shut the fence and the hens snuck in for about 5 whole minutes and chomped away. They are so quick at destroying plants... How does your garden grow? xo m


  1. yum! i just made pickled beets and i can't stop eating them. so. good. XO

  2. oooh! did u post a recipe? I need some pickled beets now! xo m


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