Tuesday, May 10, 2011

with the spring comes a world of choices...

  My little gal was so excited on Friday (her birthday party was Saturday). She kept saying "OH, it's so hard to wait!!" all day and then it was extremely difficult to get to sleep Friday night. I remember feeling that way, really knowing and understanding and showing how important growing older is.  It's real magical and should be celebrated with friends, food and cake.
   I whipped up some amazing gluten free caramel cupcakes thanks to the Blackbird Bakery Gluten Free cookbook. Oh my, the recipes are dangerously delicious!

   We also went to a wonderful may day gathering. So sweet and calm and just all around lovely.

  The trees are whispering to me that change is in the air. All around. More and more I feel so smothered by the city, and we live in one of the most relaxed parts of it. I just envision a bit more space, more room to grow food and have animal friends, a studio space, and bedroom for the little one would be real nice. Working and saving and dreaming of the farm to be... xo m

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  1. It looks like your little lady had a BIG weekend! Happy Birthday to you both!! Her party looks like it was fun~ I love the tent party idea. We went to a lovely May Day celebration this year, too. Maybe someday we can all go together. We'll have to chat soon, as we may be working towards some change as well but we are still in the forming stage. xox


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