Friday, May 6, 2011

sowing seeds...

  We are immersed in our version of spring. Rumored to be the most frigid in ages. I refuse to accept that. I will just keep thinking spring spring spring and sooner or later it will warm up and stop raining. Right? It can't stay cold forever....

 Our neighbor, Katherine, gave us a bunch of rhubarb roots and they are starting to grow (no thanks to the chickens!!). I guess you aren't supposed to cut the stalks the first year, they need to work on getting established. But Katherine's Rhubarbs are out of control and she said I can have some whenever I want. I made rhubarb apple sauce.
 Domino is laying in the potato patch. It's a good warm spot when the sun is out. Our raised beds are pretty much full already and I haven't even planted half of what I wanted. I planted a lot of herbs and flowers, that are coming back, last year. This week we'll be building at least 2 more raised bed. I want to do one all herbs and greens and another for squash and beets... I need to order a truckload of soil too.  Next week is gonna be busy... Grandma get's in tonight too. My little lady's birthday is on Sunday and Grandma rides the train up every year.
 The beans and peas are finally starting to climb up and grow. We didn't have much luck with them last year but I put them in a different spot and I think the soil is better.
 This was a few days ago and already they're twice as high!  The herb beds were/are such a mess. Weeds and grass growing everywhere. I spent so much time on my knees weeding. See that board? I have to put boards and upside down pots where we planted carrots, otherwise the cats use the fresh little patch of soil for their litterbox. As soon as they start coming up I can mulch around them with old chicken straw to hopefully discourage more weeds.
 ooooh. Baked Oatmeal!! Soooo delicious! From Super Natural Every Day. Wow. This kids did not like it as they are oatmeal haters in general. The grown ups ate it all up...
  Now we are off in search of a few party hats and some last minute ingredients we need for the gluten free caramel cupcakes we're making tomorrow morning. Happy Friday! xo m

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