Friday, April 8, 2011

so much to do!

  It's wonderful to feel (almost completely) well again. One good thing about being sick, it really makes me appreciate wellness and energy.  Nothing got crossed off the to do lists last week. There were so many projects (and work...) waiting for our attention!
   Also, I'm afraid something traumatizing happened to Tommy outdoors. He's always wanted to spend so much time outside but one day last week, he came in hasn't really ventured out since. I tried to nudge him out and he cried and hid under the covers of my bed for hours. I wish he could talk or I wish I had gotten one of those tiny spy cameras for his collar.

 This is what happens to "Mom's baby" (that's what my little gal calls this 1930s doll of mine because she used to be up on a high shelf in my closet and she begged and begged to play with her so I finally gave in) when the miss is left alone with her and a sheet of easter stickers. It took a long time to pick all those off! Even with a set of tiny hands helping.
   Trying to catch up on work. Letting my gal play with her yarn stash all over the kitchen so I can try and throw a few more items into my etsy shop...
  Planting seeds to put in our mudroom which is like a little greenhouse. See how he's staring out the window? It's so sad. He's lost his outside mojo... I want to know what happened out there!!!
 I found a HUGE pile of quilt pieces. Lots of really interesting vintage fabric bits. I LOVE finding vintage quilt blocks. My Grandma is coming next month and we're going to put a quilt together using the 6 pointed star pieces, there were quite a lot of them. so excited!
 Drinking tons of tea. All day long. It is still so cold in the mornings and evenings... ok, I need sleep. I vowed to go to bed extra early and now's my chance. Wishing a happy weekend to you! xo

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