Saturday, April 9, 2011

makes my heart beat faster....

Spending a mellow saturday trying to update (um, procrastinate, I mean...) my shop... Thought I'd post some links and things I'm digging that are making me happy...
* My pal,  Kime Buzzelli (who is pretty amazing herself, you should read her blog-the Moldy Doily) posted this link about a miss Lizzie Brandt on facebook. Lizzie is so adorable. The kind of girl you could spend hours playing dress up with and sipping champagne.
* this makes me so giddy!

*why am I dreaming of pastel colored hair? I've never tried pastels....
*loving all the t shirts in the Lay Swing Boutique.... Nevada City seems to be a little wonderland of cool people!

ok, enough fooling around, back to work... happy saturday lovlies... xo m

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