Wednesday, April 13, 2011


   I've been spending some long overdue time trying to get the garden in order. Is my back ever sore! And I'm tired... I guess good old fashioned hard work is the cure for my insomnia! Here are a few things that have been making me extra happy lately...

*I LOVE Joanna Newsom. Super much! I have a great many friends who do not love her and I think they might be crazy. My little lady loves her and always grabs my hands, demanding, "Dance Mama! Dance with me NOW!" it's nice.

*This esty store: Tiny Owl Knits is blowing my mind! I read her lovely blog, owl in the dark, for awhile but kind of forgot about it (and so many other blogs...) as all my bookmarks got wiped out when my old computer died. But I found it again, yay!
this is killing me!!! I need it. and I want this too! I doubt my knitting skils are up to par yet but I will for sure try some of her simpler patterns this fall (when the urge to knit returns). For now I am all about my sewing machine...
*Back to sewing more "Nashville" inspired clothes... That movie (and the women in it) are so wonderful...

  (Nashville images courtesy Google images...)
*oooh, baby chicks AND a baby goat!? So awesome! I have goat fever!!
*but someone, who's birthday is coming has rabbit fever... Trying to figure out how this will work... Maybe bunny will live in the mudroom? I'm not sure... We had planned on having an outdoor rabbit hutch (We have a few friends who have these) but the rabbit people say that's not a good idea... hmmm..
ok, off to be early. xo m


  1. How have I missed this movie?!?! It looks awesome! I have to check Netflix ASAP. Joanna- definitely a love her or hate her kind of thing. I am a lover. Most of Nevada County is on the Love Team, since she is our Hometown Queen! ha ha! FYI she is not only a talent extraordinaire, she is the NICEST and most well-mannered person you could ever meet. And gardening- oh my god, yes, it is exhausting! We are doing a shared garden this year- a dream come true cause our place is too shady to do one- and I am so stoked on it. GOATS- yes yes yes yes! my neighbors have goats and we just started buying their milk... it is so amazing raw and fresh, nothing at all like store-bought. This Spring is a local agriculture revolution- all on my road! I can't wait to see your bunny.............. (-:

  2. oh my goodness, get ready to die. seriously that movie will kill you softly. I can tell that you'll totally be able to get into it and appreciate the laid back (some say slooow) vibe of the film. the clothes are AMAZING. I can hear the California mountains calling me desperately. A summer trip is surely in order. As much as I love Seattle, ever time it rains I seriously consider running away to California gold country...

  3. hey.... i love those knitty things in that etsy shop, so much!!! such a good link to have. my middle wants to get mice for her birthday. woah. i've never been a mouse person. and we have three cats. ha. we used to have an outdoor bunny hutch...we gave it away, i sort-of regret that now. it was here at this house when we moved in. but, one of max's therapists has a farm and she has like 10 bunnies i think living outdoors in hutches stacked on top of each other. it is so cute. and this is colorado. they do fine. i gave you a blog award on l &m today. you are awesome. i hope you play along with it. now i must go check out this nashville movie!

  4. my gal asked for mice too but papa is phobic of ratty micey rodents... haha. I saw the blog award and I'm on it! it's on my weekend to do list!! thanks for thinking of me, makes me feel melty.
    man, u haven't seen nashville either? I'm glad I'm doing my part and bringing nashville magic to the rad ladies of the world.
    xo m


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