Wednesday, March 23, 2011

cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms, coming up!

  Today was such a lovely Seattle spring day! I know we will have many rainy days this spring (and summer, and...)but I really try and enjoy and appreciate ever sunlit moment. All my friends on the East coast are freezing and snowed in and it got up into the 70s here today, so lucky! So many flowers blooming and popping up seemingly overnight.
   I'm really trying to practice a sweet zen like attitude while driving. I get so cranky in the car and traffic. I'm working on it. I always seem to be stuck right in the worst of it. By the time I get the kids off to their schools it's 8:45 am as I'm hopping on the freeway and oh it's a challenge to remain un-rattled.
   My gal came home from school singing the sweetest song. "cherry blossom, cherry blossom, coming up, coming up..." and then there's a tulip verse and a crocus verse and "li lo, li lo" in the chorus. Is anyone familiar with it? I think it's a Waldorf song. I have to ask the teacher next week. I need to buy a Waldorf song book.
   The sword was being used in a not so kind game of sword fighting with the (unarmed) chickens so we had to go inside to draw.
   Got to sneak away for an hour alone with Papa to have an adult beverage and pick songs on the jukebox. I brought the garden calendar so we picked out some new and old favorites to get planting on and I made notes of what kind of wood to pick up so we can build a new raised bed this weekend. We're planting potatoes this year and I'm so very excited!
What will your garden grow? xo

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