Thursday, March 24, 2011

the sun was shining, then the grey rolled in...

  It's so easy to wake up in the morning when it's light outside. The pitch black mornings are gone until next winter. It makes it easier to stay away from coffee... Usually, not today. I had espresso, we met up with friends in the morning and it was so delicious...

  Guess who got a brand new boater? Me, yes! After years of searching I stumbled upon this one, brand new, at Nordstrom. I was afraid to look at the price tag, but it was only $28. It's a bit different than the traditional style, mine is a bit more of an open weave, but I LOVE it! Today was sunny and warm enough for no sweater and a straw hat, at least for a few afternoon hours. It was a blissful dream...

 I got to sneak in some alone time with my guy and had a little treat time too. So, my cleanse starts Monday. In all seriousness. I need a little time to "mentally prepare" (meaning, eat a lot of treats/drink cocktails at a friends b-day party at a fancy bar...). I have willpower. I can do it. Really and truly. Right? xo
ps: the cheesecake was a little disappointing and I only ate half.


  1. You can do it! It is so great that you went on a date with your son. I love spending alone time with my boys since it is so busy around here. Great new hat, by the way.... Have a great weekend!

  2. started the cleanse today. the sugar craving are KILLING me. seriously, it' ridiculous!
    xo m


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