Saturday, February 5, 2011

searching for sunlight.

  I've been finding little bits of sunlight here and there during these recent dark days. I love the Pacific Northwest but January and February really start to chip away at my spirit. The constant gloom really seeps into your soul and makes you bummed, big time. Day after day of no sun. I have to remind myself that happiness is a choice. If I hold the thought of happiness and positivity in my mind it is easier to work towards....
   Here's the kitchen window. I made this curtain out a worn silk scarf of Washington. We needed something sheer but with a print to provide a bit of privacy.
 some snappy little shoes I just put into my etsy vintage shop....
  Antique tablecloth turned curtain... I've been working on remaking curtains for all the windows. Gathering up the right special vintage fabrics....
school bus yellow mexican dress. Also new in my shop.
I have been rediscovering some of my cookbooks and making a real effort to actually use some of the recipes. Apples for Jam is one of my favorites and it's so beautiful, lots of bright, lovely pictures. I adore it. I'm going to make at least one recipe a week from it until I've made them all (within reason-we don't eat meat or gluten so I'm going to try and adapt some of the recipes).
  Happy weekend friends. We're redoing a preteen bedroom tomorrow, crossing my fingers that it won't be too hard!


  1. I LOVE all the new window treatments~ especially the scarf in your kitchen! And that Mexican dress is really great.

    Apples For Jam is a fave of mine, as well. I make the boys her Lentil Rice about once a week. It is awesome with the chile oil. I change the herbs depending on what I have on hand. Let me know what recipes you try and like. I read her cookbook all the time but haven't tried as many recipes as I would like.

    Have a fantastic week! We are repainting and redoing Pablo's room soon~ I am not sure when he became so opinionated. Much love to you~

  2. oh my!! we just braved ikea and spent all day yesterday putting together crap and redoing the oldest kiddos room! he's 12 so, yeah you're in for it... this is where all the fun starts... haha...
    have you seen her other cookbooks? they're all so visually stunning, all cookbooks should have tons of colorful photos...


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