Tuesday, February 15, 2011

baking & spring?

  I totally have spring fever (and I always have baking fever.... I like to cook real food fine but I really LOVE to bake. ) The garlic is already sprouting up and many inches tall. Seattle weather can be very confusing for plants and seeds... but back to baking, I think biscuits are like my favorite food in the world ever. Really. It's one reason why being gluten free has been so hard. Every so often I get a hankerin for a delicious biscuit and until last week hadn't found or come up with a recipe that worked. I got the blackbird bakery cookbook and it is really wonderful and the buttermilk biscuit recipe is stunning. I am serious, it kills me. I've made them almost everyday since I got the book. so freakin good! before...
 and after... The kids love that it's like a biscuit flower.

 and brownies. so so good.
 We've had a few warm and bright days and the chickens have been able to get out of the run and explore the yard. Our yard is less than secure and there are many cats/raccoons that lurk around so I haven't been letting them be in the yard unless we're outside too. This weekend we're going to fortify the corners of the yard with fencing and hopefully they'll be able to hang out more...

 starfish zone.
 I came up with this recipe for oat pancakes that I'm loving. I'll post it tomorrow. I'm too tired...

 banana bread...
 cupcakes that I made for a friend's birthday...
And now I need to watch something fluffy and really vapid to cleanse my mental palate after the intensity of Black Swan... I was braced and ready for it but it was a little too "haunting" and not in a good way. I was afraid to go into the bathroom in the middle of the night after seeing Black Swan. and (*Spoiler ALERT!) I never need to see Winona Ryder stab herself in the face repeatedly with a metal nail file... Don't even get me started on the mom. ugh. I guess I'm just too sensitive.  So I'll be watching some lite vamp fare and sipping a glass of Gladiator... Happy Tuesday!


  1. i have spring fever too! the spring time means throwing on a pretty, floral dress, baking cookies and going to the beach! ^_^


  2. You make me want to make biscuits and cupcakes :) And I totally agree with you on the whole Winona Ryder/nail file scene. That was rough. One critic called it a "cruel bit of casting" and I agree, I'd rather remember her as Charlotte Flax in Mermaids.

  3. Nesha, yes! dresses, cookies, water & sand! please spring, then summer, pretty please!

    totally, charlotte flax! not a bloody ghoul. oh dear me... cruel bit of casting indeed.


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