Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunny days...

  We've been spending most of the weekend outside. It's still quite cold but also very bright. I spent a little time making mix cds for far away friends and more time getting things a bit ready in the yard. There are so many things that need to be done before planting time. I'm just trying to organize and plan a bit every day. Today was also chicken coop/run cleaning day and I let the chicks spend the afternoon in the yard and they were so contented and happy to explore.
   I found a bunch of vintage sheets/pillowcases and about 50 gorgeous vintage handkerchiefs when I went thrifting the other day. I have a few projects in mind. Firstly, I need to make a few dresses for my little miss. I want to make her a strawberry dress for summer...
 Wednesday was crafting night at our dear friend's house and she made the most wonderful cherry pie.

 My happy little flock. As annoyed as they can get with one another they always stick close together. None of the hens wants to be more than a few feet away from the others.

  "Bubbles" is the black hen ans she has a bit of an attitude problem. She would peck my hands HARD at any opportunity so I now make sure to keep my hands well away from her vicious beak. She is an odd one... There is some talk of adding rabbits or rather a rabbit to the backyard farm. I just have to convince papa bear that he really wants to build a little rabbit hutch /home! Happy weekend! xo

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