Tuesday, January 11, 2011

waiting for the snow...

  There have bean big rumors the last few days that a major snowstorm is headed our way. We got a little snow on Monday morning but it melted off by lunchtime. Many people (ahem, my kids) really want a ton of snow. I like snow but it sure increases my chores (um, chicken care mostly).
Monday am snow driving...
 And now, along with the ever present pink sunglasses, my little miss is into bandannas. Like biker style. It's funny.
 Spent some time taking etsy pics before I got distracted by some clothes in need of mending, loads of laundry and a little corner of the basement I got carried away cleaning. Still, progress was made and hopefully there will be some fresh vintage treasures in my shop tomorrow.

 Egg production is a bit sporadic these days. The girls do not enjoy the freezing temps and haven't been delivering the usual 3 eggs a morning. The huddle around the light set up near the nesting box looking very forlorn.
  They got some extra special spinach treats today. I'm going to make them a little dust bath and am thinking of putting a layer of bark beneath the alfalfa that floors their run. The ground gets so wet here and they are such little diggers, on some days it gets quite swampy in there...
  We'll see what the night holds as far as the snow goes. Snow days are sure good cookie baking, cocoa drinking days!
  I try to show my lighter side here but have to say, on a serious note, I'm trying to be here in my home and life right now and not let the shootings in Tuscon seriously affect my anxiety level. It makes me feel so down and introspective... So sad and disturbing on so many levels. I made the mistake of casually looking at a paper at the corner market and am now haunted by it. It breaks my heart. Guns should be far less accessible and mental health care more available. The darkness of our world, at times, can be unbelievable. Holding light in my heart for the families torn apart by violence. Much love, M

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