Sunday, January 9, 2011


  Today was one of those days I had to keep reminding myself to breathe. It seems so silly but I really did. When I'm stressed and tense I kind of forget to breathe. I'm working on relaxing, cutting out the coffee, no alcohol, eating well, no sugar, not worrying, appreciating (and just seeing) the beauty around me. It's a constant battle. I've let my yoga and meditation practice slip in the last six months and I need to get back to it, find a balance and remember to breathe deep.
  I've been emerged in the reduction of stuff and just clearing space-letting go, opening up corners. There is so much yet to be done but progress is being made. The fact that I put up a curtain (my closet has door) on a tension rod over the closet doorway make me real happy. It's not too crazy in there but I didn't like laying in bed and staring into the closet. It looks nice now, settled. I've been sneaking away annoying or unused toys little by little. I have to wait until the little one is off to sleep or at the park with her Papa. Her little corners are coming together.

 Over the weekend we got out our wool stash and played with it and felted it into a few small balls. I love the farm-y smell of it.

 We ventured downtown and went to the big monster bookstore. I planned on getting a magazine but the one I wanted most (Artful Blogging $14.95!) was too expensive. It was really visually inspiring but it's a big expense to me at the moment. I remember years ago, buying french and italian vogues often, oh how priorities change... sigh. I looked at a couple lovely knitting magazines but all the patterns seemed a bit too ambitious for my skill level at the moment. I'm eager to start a sweater but want to start with something simple.
Tomorrow's Monday, a big working day for me. Looking towards the week with openness & positive vibes.

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