Thursday, January 6, 2011

today was long!

  Today I woke up at 6am, the usual weekday time, but for some reason , the passage of time seemed so dang slow. It was actually really nice. Too often, I'm frustrated by how quickly each day flies by. I had plenty of time to try and tackle the closet of doom (I totally see why the hoarders on that sad reality show start freaking out when they have to go through all their stuff! I only had few extra boxes of random-ness to sort and it was just awful!). I didn't quite finish the closet-I had to stop and take a breather. I spent some time rearranging my little gals play areas. Our house is small but I am figuring out what works and well, less is really more.
  I'm going through all the hidden corners and really trying to make the most of our space and get rid of things we do not need and LOVE. We both sell vintage for a living so it's easy to accumulate so much stuff and become a half-way house to STUFF. It makes me crazy. But I've been making some real progress. I don't look at these special treasures with a need to covet them any longer. I'm excited to pass them on (and even make a little money). I'll start updating my etsy vintage store tomorrow and will be working on continually doing so. That's one of my goals for this year. I need to be less of a lazy occasional etsy lister... I have two big boxes of lovely clothes, jewelry etc. A friend is designing some headers and new business cards for me, now if my camera will just cooperate...
 frozen waterfront... We ventured downtown on New Years Day and it was wonderfully uncrowded and COLD. The kids were sliding all over these frozen wooden docks.
 On our way across the waters to visit family... I get real seasick, even on the ferry. I have to stand outside, on the back and let the wind blow in my face the whole time or its curtains for me.

 ice cream... I manage to avoid eating too much ice cream most of the summer but come winter, it's all I want.
  Tomorrow will, hopefully, hold plenty of time for organizing and casting on a new hat and trying to figure out what sort of sweater to make-my first! I need to do more than just hats, mittens, wrist warmers, I think I'm ready for a sweater. Maybe a simple one for the little lady...


  1. We share so very much... I do not have sea-legs either( which makes me very sad) and Jerry and I used to sell vintage wares way back when people actually shopped at antique stores! Also, I am trying my best to organize but you are way ahead of me on the nightmare closet front. :)

    It sounds like a lovely start to your year. much love, sara

  2. i look back upon those olden days of vintage (ten and more years ago) so fondly... i wish i didn't get seasick. it's a bummer. I can handle fast moving small boats though! yay


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