Friday, December 31, 2010

dreams & realities...

  I don't get all mushy over new years eve. I never really have. Nowadays I tend to think about the passing of time and it's fleeting-ness often. I try not to dwell on it too much and instead focus on the beauty of every day. Emotionally growing into adulthood  (finding out who I truly am & what makes me happy now) has really accelerated in the last few years. It's funny but, after many years of distraction, I've come full circle and am right back where I started as a tiny child. My main interests and aspirations are the same ones I had 30 years ago. Writing, "making" (such a big category but holds all sorts of crafting/domestic arts pursuits), and taking care of my family, plants and animals... I am still playing little house on the prairie.
 egg production is really booming. 3 a day without fail. 21 eggs a week from our 3 hens. They are very funny and sweet ladies. May be time for a chicken post...
  So much sun yesterday and today. And it was cold cold!! It was 23 degrees today and should continue all week. I had to grease up all the hens combs and wattles. They have a light in their coop but still mess around in the frozen grass and well, we've already lost one comb to frostbite last month and I don't want any other parts falling of my feathered gals. Stay warm friends and happy new years!


  1. I LOVE the last photo of your dining space~ so much goodness!!

  2. I'm glad through time, trial and error your able to find out what will make you happy. I ask people all the time if they are happy and a lot of times they have trouble answering that question. If you know what would make them happy then you'll live a happy life. It's so simple yet few realize the simplicity of it.


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