Thursday, January 13, 2011

snow melt

  Our snow was brief and oh so fleeting. So lovely all Tuesday night, looked a bit wimpy once the sun came up, resembled a grey slurppie by lunchtime and gone completely before dinner. sigh... I have often fantasized about long Maine (or New Hampshire or Vermont or Wisconsin or...) winters and, having spent half my life growing up in Southern California, I should simply be grateful for the bit we got...  but I want MORE! More snow play, more cozy cocoa time, more baking... I love how the snow forces people to chill out and slow down.

   Today was mama meet up time. I needed some time with ladies, even though my little one is the oldest and that usually means a bit of trouble/negotiating here and there. There was warm cherry crisp, and I brought blueberry muffins (all vegan & gluten free). I want to find a charitable project for us all to do together so I need to  do a bit of researching.

   The last few days have been difficult for me in the anxiety dept. I find that, day after day of dark skies, really contributes to a gloomy mood for me. I'm trying to make as many plans as possible because, as hard as it is to drag myself out of the house, it almost always helps.  The sun broke through for about 15 minutes today and it was positively magical. My little one keeps going about saying "Sun! Wake up!" in this frustrated tone...

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