Saturday, December 11, 2010

feels like flu... and some links!

  I really don't feel that terrible. Well, there's the chills, headache, nausea, dizziness, sore throat, lack of stamina to do anything except watch Gypsy 83 on netflix instantly (I got a new computer!! well, the old one died completely and now this is my Christmas gift so thank you Papa!!).
No cough or runny nose... yet.  See, that's what autumn and winter bring in the northwest, one cold after another. It drives me nuts, just when you think you're well, pow, you're sick again...

Here are some links and bits of random thoughts....

  I'm really enjoying Chelsea's posts on eating, meal prep, food shopping, pantry items etc.  She's full of wonderful ideas. I can't really meal plan in that concrete sort of way some people do. I need more freedom and having a good stock of things on hand helps make it easy. I like to read them at night and think "Right on!"...

  This peppermint bark recipe is the best ever! You need to make it right now. People freak out over it and it's the perfect simple gift. I wonder if it could be made vegan with the use of mimi creme? I've been wanting to experiment with that stuff but haven't gotten around to it. Anyone used it with much success?

  oh and this caramel corn recipe is amazing. It's really easy and also makes a lovely gift. I'll pretty much be giving caramel corn, peppermint bark, bourbon balls and peanut butter balls for gifts.

  Being without the computer for a few days really made me appreciate it and also realize the sometimes useless things I do to waste time on the internet (um, facebook). I'm not going to be doing that much anymore....

  At least 2 of our 3 hens have started laying eggs. I looked in the box yesterday and there were three little brown eggs. I found one more today. One of our hens is supposed to lay blue eggs but who knows, maybe they're all laying brown eggs. I didn't think I'd be so jazzed but the feeling when I saw the eggs was very similar to that childhood xmas morning feeling.

ok, tummy is hurrrrting. Time to lay back and rest...

and sorry, no pictures, trying to figure out the new iphoto...


  1. That completely stinks that you are sick again! I love her posts as well. I really should meal plan with four kids but can never seem to stick to it. Thanks for the peppermint bark recommendation~ it sounds divine.

    Oh, and congrats on the computer and the eggs!!! How exciting!

    Love and good health to you~

  2. i feel 100 percent better today, thank goodness! the peppermint bark IS so good!!


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