Tuesday, December 14, 2010

making... and gentleness.

  There's sill plenty of time, right? I only need to make 4 more hats and finish these wrist warmers. It's cool, right? All year long, there's so much time and then POW, December begins and there just isn't enough time to make all the handmade gifts. A few people may be getting realy wonderful burned cds- That's still making...
 My gal LOVES to go to the coffee place. I stopped drinking coffee but we still go and I have tea or sometimes decaf. My body has been not so happy with me lately and is responding by bringing back the INTENSE ANXIETY that was so strong in 1998 (and 2000, 2002, 2003...). I've always been very sensitive emotionally and physically. I really have to be careful what I expose myself to because the automatic response to something not good is total panic. I don't enjoy it. I'm being careful, listening to my body and being extra gentle with any input. I even super have to watch what I watch entertainment wise because anything gory or stressful plants a seed in my brain and rolls around my subconscious wreaking havoc on my dreams and even daydreams. So in all this frenzy of last minute making, I'm trying to chill and take it easier...

 made caramel corn and ate waaaaay too much of it. Didn't even get a picture of the finished product as it was promptly eaten.

Building some little air plant terrariums for gifts. I love air plants, all the little magical mosses and lichens are so pretty paired with them. and crystals... You can build little mystical worlds in a bottle or jar. Fun!
  This moss is my favorite. Very electric chartreuse in color and so squishy, I kind of want to keep some in my pocket, is that weird? I'm into it, a lot. I'll show some pics of the finished mini-worlds after the holidays as I don't want to spoil it. I think most of my readers are getting gift from me...
  Now to cast on one more hat and sip a small glass of red wine.


  1. deep breaths! why does anxiety have to come with the holiday times? i am fighting it off as well. also, i would love to hear any tips you have on making terrariums, i adore them but have a black thumb. xo!

  2. i like to make "dry" terrariums as they seem less intensive and needy. we need to have a terrarium making date in the new year. i'll show you my favorite supply spot!

  3. wow, love your honesty in this post. beautiful description of anxiety's power, too. fight the bad with the good, right? can't wait to make caramel corn... your craftiness is intensely inspiring!

  4. thank you. the caramel corn is a good anxiety antidote for sure. it's REALLY good!


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