Tuesday, November 9, 2010

not so long ago...

  It's so truly marvelous & frightening how quickly little ones can grow. They unfold daily, right before your eyes. I love and embrace every new stage but wow, it just terrifies me. I would like to stand still for a little longer, pretty please?
  I've been developing old pictures...
yeah, these are eight years old. 2002. And while I would split a six pack of cheap film w/ a friend I never seemed to have the money to develop the film. So I have about a dozen I'm just now developing. I'm going to try and do one a week. Otherwise I'd go into memory lane shock...

  And then there's the not so old pics from Daddy that I am just now grabbing from his files, little by little...
These two were just last Nov.... sigh... I miss that sweet kitty girl.

  Cinnamon (the orange hen) escaped from the run. She was very freaked out and squaked like a crazy turkey until i came running and she jumped into my lap. It was very sweet! Tomorrow will be a day of wing clipping and yard fortification... And garlic planting. Thankfully it hasn't froze yet but it's been dang cold! COLD! Like can't keep my feet warm cold.


  1. babies! i hate how watching little ones grow just makes time seem to move so much faster, like you can see it happening in front of you. and i remember that cute bleached hair! xo

  2. oh man, I miss coloring my hair esp bleaching but not how damaged it was... I know, it's too fast-the little ones growing!!

  3. I LOVE developing old film! We just developed an 8 year-old disposable camera last week. It is so weird to see new, old photos of one's children for the first time. It was especially strange to see photos of our family of three, instead of six. :)


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