Saturday, November 20, 2010

oh so sick...

  I was feeling triumphant and pretty impervious until it hit me. The cold. The big bad. It's just terrible, a lingering bit of a dry throat, weird cough, painful headache, congestion and I lost my voice for 3 days and I'm a big talker so that was hard. My family does not understand hand signals well. I've been sipping tea and laying around watching Mad Men. and listening to the Boatman's Call (duh, Nick Cave). it's seem all the videos on youtube have the embedding disables but...
so so good. I guess I realize that this was sort of my ex-husband and my favorite record when it came out because listening to it is like conjuring a ghost, at moments he seems like he's almost here. So eerie how memories and music can be linked. But still, such a lovely record!
   eek, ok, time for more tea. Need to shake this cold. Grandma gets here tomorrow and she's staying for a WHOLE WEEK which means she'll be watching tv REALLY LOUD... oh man...


  1. Aww, man that sucks that you are sick too. But Mad Men and Nick Cave do make things more bearable! Which MM season are you watching? I am tempted to buy the latest season on itunes~ which I never do.

    I hear you with music and memory, I am often brought to tears upon hearing certain albums because the emotion of the past is forever linked.

    I hope you and yours fully recover soon and have a nice, loud visit with Grandma. :)

  2. I am just started season 2 of MM. omg-the finale of seas one was NUTS!!! craziness! i'm speaking of peggy! whoa! yeah, gran is watching the news non-stop. i am sucking on rescue remedy pastilles non-stop... need to chill.


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