Friday, August 13, 2010

new friend!

  We got to meet Oliver for the first time today. What a sweetheart! He is such a happy fellow, so much like a dog. 

  Patiently waiting for a watermelon rind...
  Which the hens were trying to steal.

  His hair is coarse and impossibly stiff.

  She happened to have her cousins stuffed pig (wrapped in a hanky with a lavender sachet clutched in her hand as a pillow...) with her and the whole way home kept pointing behind her and at the little stuffed pig saying, "piggy! friend!". When we got home and told Daddy, the first thing he said is, "we can't get a pig." haha... He knows me too well. We'll see, come springtime, what we'll be getting next. Most likely bees, but someday a PIG!


  1. Awww! These are the best photos of our dear piggiewig. Thanks for posting them. He is delightful and a perfect gentleman... well, mostly. Sometimes he's just a pig!
    I had a new parent interview day today and he was so sweet and kind to everyone. I am a lucky teacher to work in such a rich environment. I really do have 100% job satisfaction!
    :) Tara

  2. how sweet:) I so love pigs; I always have:) great site; pleased to meet you!

  3. We'll have to visit this guy again. I've been hearing "Pig! Please!" all wekend.

    Nice to meet you too!


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