Tuesday, August 17, 2010


  Today I put my oldest on a plane to go visit his Father for two weeks. It was his first time flying alone and it was much harder for me than him. He called when he landed and said it was "no big deal".
  Last week we went down to the aquarium on the waterfront and it was a normal Seattle grey day.

  Thrifted lace score drying. I even found some black bits which are hard to come by.
Soaked Blueberry pancakes. These were really delicious. I love almost anything with blueberries and yogurt in the ingredients. They were mentioned on Clean which I just stumbled across recently. I love that there are a never ending amount of wonderful blogs-it's a treasure hunt to find them!
  So much is growing in the garden. Now if only some female flowers would bloom on the pumpkins and squash so I might help the bees pollinate the plants!

  Getting a start on holiday projects. We had all my knitting books out in the yard and my nieces were showing me their favorite hats (easy, gift giving for me!) not knowing I bookmarked them so I could get started.
  This past week has been crazy hot (mid 90's) for the NW. We've been having some early morning adventures, then spending afternoons under the shade umbrellas or in the playroom on the cool wood floors in front of a fan.
  Tomorrow is thrifting day for me, off to visualize goodies while I clean house!

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