Thursday, August 12, 2010

great pumpkin

  Our one pumpkin is getting ridiculously large. There are several big marble sized ones getting started but this one is HUGE. Almost a foot across and it grows inches daily. It's nearly a foot wide and there's a small crack/split at the bottom from it's too rapid growth so this one will most likely be chicken food/compost pile topping but still it's lovely, wish it could make it till halloween. Um, I had no idea how massive and productive just one little pumpkin plant (one SEED!!) could be. This thing is taking over our yard. I've been putting up stakes to guide the vines growth (it sends off these adorable little curly mini-vines that attach to the nearest thing and pull it's jumbo vine along) and draw attention to where the vines are so running kids don't trample it.
  I am into our pumpkin plant. Looking forward to the day when we'll have enough room to plant several of these lovelies.
  Crawling out into the dying late summer grass.

Here's Tommy, sulking because he can't get at the chickens...
 Every time they make a loud peep he looks over in annoyance and desperation...
  I found a ton of vintage patterns at the goodwill but the instant I started looking all these women came over and it was a sewist feeding frenzy. I just grabbed these few near me and went on about my business. Good thing too cuz the next row over I found a huge pile of turn of the century  (turn of the 20th century that is...) handmade cotton and silk lace and trims. So Happy! I was visualizing a few things and they just popped up (levis skinny jeans for my first born, and even found a copy of the Gilead which I've been wanting to read fro some time), I love it when that happens!
  Now off to see some fish!

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