Wednesday, August 4, 2010


  I find the rapidness with which time passes pretty painful when I think about it (which tends to be often, late at night, when trying to sleep). One of the lessons I'm trying to learn is the importance of living in the moment and loving it and truly appreciating it. It's very easy for me (a dreamer-Libra) to get caught up in magical projections of future greatness instead of smiling and holding in my heart the real, actual, true moment that IS right now. I will keep on trying.
I found this cross stitch of horses on a square of fabric (an old-really old- sugar sack!! you can faintly read "Crystal Sugar" over the big horses back!! love) and had to make it into a bag. I'm very happy with it. I need some real horse time in my life but until then, these little beauties will have to do.

We found some lilacs in our secret blackberry picking spot. For the next few ways it will be blackberry town around here because they're right by our house, plentiful and FREE! I used to be a little annoyed by blackberries and favored the raspberry but in the last few summers I've began to appreciate the magic of blackberries and I think they may now be my favorite. There is nothing like the perfume that starts flowing when you are boiling blackberry jam. I want to bottle it and call it "Summer of 1896" or some such year. The scent is just so farmy, feminine, good and old timey. mmmmm. I will be posting my favorite jam recipe this week. I promise.
Salvia, succulents, basil, lavender... mess in background.
hello, it's the great time sucker! Chicken coop oh dear. I took this picture a few days ago and much progress (MUCH, really) had been made since then. Hopefully my hens will be able to play outside in their run tomorrow.
  The master of the manor surveys his scene. I am enjoying the cats going outside. They're being responsible and staying close and coming home when called so I think it's a good thing. I wonder what will happen when it starts to rain.
  Sweet dreams!


  1. I love your plants and berries...I also love your honesty. I think it is so important to put the good and the bad out there so that we can all feel human! Some blogs bother me a little because the only things displayed are the more perfect things in life. You are showing the beauty and the true reality in our emotions and our lives. Thank you for that.

  2. wow, what a beautiful blog to read! and such a nice entry! I know what you mean about time passing so rapid and having to enjoy it NOW... it makes me sad too but the best way to get through it is to take each day to it's fullest! thank you for reminding me!!!!!

  3. thank you both! Your comments made my afternoon, I'm melting and need more lemonade! xo


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