Tuesday, August 3, 2010

hard times

  Today was rough. I try to keep this place positive but I am just feeling so low and sad and wanting support and a shoulder to cry on. Things can be so damned difficult. I just want to stop and smell the flowers and picnic and laugh into the summer breeze but it's not happening right now. Having a child with eczema and multiple food allergies is hard! Having a child with obsessive compulsive disorder is hard! I try to grin and bear it and be thankful that don't have cancer or something truly horrible but the little trials that we deal with in our family are ours alone and sometimes I just get sick of getting by and have to break down for a minute...
  And however hard it is for me it's so much harder for them and that's what really gets me down. Breaks my heart over and over.


  1. keep your head up darling! it is so very hard sometimes and you are so brave! xo


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