Friday, July 30, 2010


 I was without my computer for about a week and it's pretty ridiculous how much I missed the internet. I was a bit more on task (not getting distracted every time I had a spare moment and sneaking off to read favorite blogs...) and certainly caught up on my reading but I very much missed the inspiration of being able to see what was going on in my favorite bloggers lives. Oh and there was much sewing... I finally dropped off 6 new little dresses at bootyland (and my other dresses, skirts & lip balms have sold well) now I need to keep production up so I can update my sadly neglected etsy shop... soon. sheesh as soon as this coop is done (I have given us one week and then we HAVE TO be done!), I'll be free to do things that don't involve tool-y, wooden construction  for a change.

blueberry love. I love picking tiny fruits. So meditative. I took all the kids and my ten year old niece said, "It's so nice to be out here and quiet, just getting blueberries and not worrying about anything." all of us ladies are country folk living in the city. The men don't seem to mind but Oh I crave the country. One reason I try so hard to create it in our backyard.

A few garden gifts that made it into dinner.
off off to bed! Another day of painting, and working on the coop. Trying to keep my eye on the prize but building this coop is really hard work!
Happy Friday!

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