Monday, August 23, 2010

the chicken coop

  This was the project of the summer! Finally all the work is over. I have no experience making these types of things but my experience in sewing cooking and crafting leads me to believe I can make anything. I was wrong. This was an insane, time consuming and difficult project. Much of it needed force and skill that my body and hands do not possess. Hello husband! Well, um,  partner? boyfriend? whatever, we're not married-all those words sound funny when you're over thirty... Anyways, My little ones Daddy made this for us! It turned out really nice and the chickens love it and are SUPER possessive of it. They enjoy lots of little hiding/shade spots so that's why those little lean-to boards are in place.
Cinnamon, Bubbles & Sadie are about 8 weeks old and still pretty small. Much smaller than our predatory cats. When the hens are bigger we plan to let them out into the yard, but for now, their run is so big and a whole world of fun for them.
  Many of the materials were free and salvaged. There was a custom door shop that was moving locations and I happened upon them when they were getting rid of so much really fancy wood and we found some other wood under the house. See my shallots drying on the screen?
  Tommy is not really happy about this. He doesn't see the point in locking up his chicken dinners...

  I'm already fantasizing about building a rabbit hutch into the other side... We'll see when spring comes.
  I've been keeping my eyes open for interesting large branches for the ladies to play on. Keep finding ones way to big or tiny. Soon I'll find ones that are just right. Now I have to sleep. I was entertaining my little gal, cleaning, weeding, planting and gathering poppy seeds all day. Darn sore & tired. Happy Monday!

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