Saturday, August 21, 2010

bye bye gluten, bye bye dairy...

  The allergy test results came back and I was expecting gluten but dairy... and the other big ones are sesame seeds, red grapes (???), turmeric, ginger and mustard. My naturopath was just leaving the office but wanted to give me a quick call and tell me the major ones before she sent me the papers with the complete results. bye bye friday night visits to the ice cream truck...
We've only been eliminating gluten and dairy for three days but already there is a big change. My little lady's skin no longer feels like sandpaper and she isn't constantly itching/crying.
Yesterday we had lemon cucumbers with white and gold tomatoes from the garden with an avocado and splash of balsamic vinegar.
The bees are loving all the dandelions in our yard.
  I had to take a picture of Kim's latte. Yep, Seattle is coffee heaven!

  We're lazing around, doing chores today. I am missing my oldest way too much. It was easier the last couple times he went to his dad's because he was having a really fun time but this time his dad is working most of the time and he's bored and bummed and I feel sad for him. 10 days to go...



  1. That really stinks that your little one can't eat those things anymore, but it also really rocks that you know what the problem is now. I am so glad her skin is getting better!

    P.S. The latte looks amazing and I really love the coop for your lady hens.

  2. thank goodness for coconut ice cream and no soy allergy... the coffee here is wonderful and impossible to stay away from! eek.


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