Tuesday, July 6, 2010

thank goodness july is here

  I love to go into the backyard a pick some strawberries and raspberries for breakfast every morning. We have a real problem with squirrels and they pick all our strawberries except the bushy plant of wild ones we have. The wild strawberries are tiny and hidden under a big puff of leaves. Oh, and see that play pool in the background? Popped! Raccoons got in it the other night and shredded it, no more leaving pools out at night...
  There is a salt water beach very nearby but my littlest one is quite a runner and there's no shade really so we spend a lot of days in our backyard, that way we can go inside for more cool drinks (and I don't have to pack anything). Maybe my miss will be ready for the beach next year, I hope!

  I went under the porch into the centipede filled space that holds many pieces of wood and random building materials. I am trying to gather as much found supplies as possible for the building of our chicken coop. I don't have a circular saw so it's gonna be totally old school building. My guy is very nervous about attempting a project like this. I have always been self taught and it seems ridiculous to spend way too much money on something we should be able to do ourselves.

  I keep burning my granola. One thing leads to another and I'll end up going outside or downstairs to check  on the chicks and it's gets so overdone. I'm working on being mindful and doing one task at a time.
  Today is going to be HOT. After weeks of overcast, back and forth weather, I truly hope the sun is here to stay, at least for a bit. I need sun and backyard beach time. I am so sleep deprived. I've been staying up way too late lolling in the nostalgic haze of my so called life.

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