Wednesday, July 7, 2010

who loves the sun?

   When the sun comes out and stays out all day it's so much easier for me to be productive and light of spirit. The gloom here can really get to me, drag me down... I got all my to-do's done, and then some!
*made sun tea
*made blueberry, blackberry, strawberry popsicles and put them in the freezer
*did laundry and hung it on the line
*went and picked up my nieces
*got out the playpool (now stored under the porch-take that raccoons!) and filled it
*swept and mopped
*replanted some plants
*planted wildflowers seed mix (which I mixed up myself from all the leftover seed packets) around the base of the house
*weeded... the never ending job
*cut out a little dress for the little lady-hope to sew it today
*sat down for 10 minutes to have a popsicle and lay in the sun

  I ended up getting sunburnt so today getting sunblock for the adults is on the list!
The sun is supposed to come out today, we'll see, you really never know here. I'm working today so I need to mentally prepare for it... eek. it can be draining, like the way a panic attack can be draining...
  Hope there is sun for you out there, but not too much, my friends in nyc are crying.

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