Wednesday, June 30, 2010

traveling bug...

 Oh... just as soon as the coop is built and these little ladies are settled, I need to get away, even for a few days (but really I want to go for longer). My friend has a huge magical farm in California with many yurts that are empty and I just want to relax, unplug (no techno gadgets are coming with us) and explore a small corner of my native state. soon soon... saving pennies and thinking positive!
  I saw the new Twilight film (Eclipse) and whew, it was a romance overload, no wonder guys make such fun of twilight, Edward has really set the bar high is the romance dept. sigh...


  1. oh i can't wait to see it! and i can't wait to go back to california either, where is our summer here???

  2. this "summer" in seattle biz is kinda the pits...
    girl, i'm going again tonight, it's good!


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