Thursday, June 3, 2010

sunshine makes me happiest!

   I am enjoying the little bits of sun that we seem to be getting more and more. I spend more time weeding and clearing than I actually spend planting and tending, but that's just the way it is. Our garden has been paying off and we haven't been buying much at the farmers market these days. Our early planting was a success and we've been in greens, lettuce, radishes, a few strawberries and all the herbs we can handle since the end of april. It's lovely to go outside and pick our dinner. There is a little fish left from last years fishing trip and S. goes on his summer fishing trip soon so hopefully that will stock us up for the next year. All we need is a goat or two and some hens and we'd be set. soon... well and there'd have to be bees, a few horses, some cowsw.... for now, with our space, we're working up to growing as much food as possible.
  Our yard is in a bit of a shambles. There are more dandelions than grass, tons of weeds worked in with the flower bulbs and stems. So many things haven't come up yet so it's hard to weed thoroughly because I'd hate to tear out flowers just because I mistake them for weeds. I'm trying to be careful and concentrate on getting out the known weeds. ick
  I learned a lot through trial and error last summer and this years edibles are doing so much better!
  See those little grass bushes? There are tree stumps under there. I like the grass mounds better than the sad stumps. They were cut at an odd angle so I can't set anything on top. I stuck our makeshift bird bath (well, pretty much just crow pool) over one.

Grammie brought plenty of California lemons from her tree so we had to make this wonderful honey cake. I had just seen this post on Soulemama's blog too!
Someone has a bit of an icing/frosting problem. It's all she wants in life. Forget about the cake, my little miss is a frosting person...
  Hope you're getting all the planting and tending done and that there's sunshine in your sky!

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