Thursday, June 10, 2010

coffee & rain...

  Oh dear, the list of "to do's" on our little homestead is forever growing! It's been raining most of the early day, it usually clears up in the late afternoon. I should be clearing indoor projects off the list but I've been working again and on days that I work (9am-2pm) I am just so exhausted from work that I am kind of useless when I return home...
This guy likes to sleep in the funniest spots. He's getting bigger and bigger. I know it's from lack of exercise and I take him outside when we're out there but I worry about him, he hasn't got the most sense and It is pretty populated (with people, cats and too fast moving cars...).

I found this very unusual comme des garcons sweater while digging through the rubbish at a thrift warehouse. It made a frustrating day seem worthwhile. How could someone toss a sweater that they spent hundreds on? ridiculous... It's in perfect condition and very thin wool. Sweaters are one thing you can never have too many of in the pacific northwest.
Baking! We are getting back into gluten free baking. It's hard to experiment (possibly wasting expensive ingredients) sometimes but it's worth, I know baby and I are both sensitive to gluten. Allergy tests in the next week or so. We'll see what shows up.
I'm going to attempt to organize my "to do" list by priority. sheesh, so many things...
Hope there is some sun where you are!


  1. The rainy times sure make it easier to work inside, though! Pressing wool can be rough when it's 90 degrees...

    That said, I'm ready for some picnics already!

  2. picnics, laziness, ice cream, cold bevs, yes!

  3. not to brag but... i found a purple chloe dress that day also. it's been a loooong time since i found any designer booty lurking in the trash pile that passes for the rag house...


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