Sunday, May 30, 2010

needle and thread...

  I am happiest when I am allowed some creative time. This almost always has to be sewing. It's not a mechanical thing though. I like to approach it more like a piece of fabric art. Cutting, piecing, placing, pinning, sewing, decorating... I am trying to figure out how to get some studio space/time into my life. I guess this means renting something... Our house is very small and we are working with the space we've got but there just isn't any room for a studio... maybe if I get a little trailer... I'm serious, there's all that space under the carport we aren't using... saving and planning and thinking about this. But right now, my sewing machine and fabric and such is piled up on one side of the playroom/sitting room (each room is multi-purpose when you're in a small space). it's not conducive to my way of working. I need to be able to make a mountainous mess and with my little one about, that's not an option... trying to be flexible and work with it...
  At any rate, I'm feeling inspired so I'd better get going right this minute!


  1. A trailer...that's not a bad idea! Especially if you've got a driveway...

  2. i know! I've got a whole big driveway and carport not being used. I am saving for a trailer and my chicken coop!


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