Thursday, March 11, 2010

i love florals!

  I have always had a thing for florals. I am oh so delighted that the rest of the world had caught on too because this means I will be finding more and more of them on the cheap...( you know at my secret shopping spot!)

um yeah another topshop...

urban outfitters... they always have sweet, cheap sunglasses...

                                                 google images...

  I am really needing some dreamy, creative, field of flowers creative time. More and more, I am realizing how important it is to have creative space-designated solely for "work" outside the home. This is where my fantasy of having an old air stream of carny-style (think as in hbo carnivale...) trailer in the backyard comes into play... As the fabric scraps litter the floor and the pinned together garments stack up on top of the fridge (safely out of cat and baby reach) I am wishing that I had a nearby studio space. sigh... someday.

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