Sunday, March 7, 2010


  This weekend was busy and spent with out of town friends and not once did I take my camera out... This happens a lot. I just forget...
  After many inquiries from my friends (and random strangers...) I got to thinking about my parenting style and while I don't consider myself an expert in any schools of parenting, I am certainly an avid reader of  Waldorf style books. I really want to encourage and support my children's natural interests and strengths without pushing my own goals or interests on them. Several (well meaning) folks at the bakery this morning were talking all about the music classes and language classes (and full scale performances with prizes etc)  their 1 1/2 and 2 year old children and grandchildren attend. I think this is just... well, kind of crazy and ridiculous... Isn't there enough pressure and competition later on in life? Why should a tiny child be put into such an atmosphere? It seems like many parents place too much emphasis on their child's ability to behave like a trained monkey...
  I hope, as we go about the day, that I am nurturing my daughter's natural spirit and giving her the space and safe place to explore her own ideas and feelings. We have many areas that she can choose to go to and play and it's such a joy to see what she seeks out on any given moment. My gal enjoys helping with the bread making a great deal. When she sees me getting out the bowls and such she hurries to get a chair from the kitchen table because she stands on it, next to me, at the counter.
She just loved the tiny loaf pans, so we made a tiny loaf of bread.

Hope your weekend was sweet and full of calm.

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