Tuesday, March 16, 2010


  Feeling ready to fall asleep. these last two weeks have been a busy time, with so many projects vying for time. The soon to be garden has been taking up most of our lives. It takes a bit of work to move away from the traditional model of how most people get their food. It's a lot of work to grow it... My back is sore from weeding and tilling but this evenings yoga practice was lovely.
more later.
so so happy that my tomato seedlings have popped out and are growing! They join the many kinds of kale in the sun room. Now if the thyme and parsley would get with the program...


  1. Growing one's own food is so much hard work - but both the hard work and the fruits of your labor are so good for our bodies.
    Best wishes and much success. Tonya

  2. We are really looking forward to getting our garden ready. The hard work can be a challenge, but having the young one's learn the value of tending their own garden is priceless

  3. yes! I am consumed right now by garden biz. thank goodness for spring. I needed it!


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