Monday, January 25, 2010


  It's surprising how quickly one becomes conditioned to accepting a new situation as "normal". After about 2 weeks or so of waking constantly (every 20 minutes or so) ALL NIGHT LONG, my little lady has finally resumed a restful sleep pattern and my internal clock is completely out of whack... I lay there, tired but unable to get to sleep, and when I finally drift off, I wake to the slightest sound. Also, it seems the time, once again, to evaluate my relationship with coffee. I don't think it's positive situation anymore. But how on earth do you live in Seattle and not drink coffee?

  I was lucky enough to slip away for a few hours for some much needed sister time on saturday. We looked in a few shops but I was good and stuck with the challenge.... This challenge of the utmost kind  is an excellent exercise in mindful spending. I really think it helps me to stop and carefully examine my needs versus wants... I did however have to but a new toilet seat yesterday-the old one had cracked completely through and come on, no one's buyin a used toilet seat, that's just ick...

   Oh bread. Bread is so expensive when you buy the good stuff. I realized yesterday that I had never made bread before! Not real yeasted loaves. I had all the ingredients on hand and we were going to be home for the rest of the afternoon so... bread time. I used this recipe but with spelt flour and it turned out quite lovely. I think sunday will be our bread baking day from now on.

  Sooo good with homemade butterscotch peach jam.

  This morning, this was just perfect!


  1. Yes, we bought a new toilet seat in the end too! I tried to persuade Ben to mend the old one (it was wooden) and the mend lasted for a while and then something else broke... so it was off to the shops for a new one! I agree that second hand wasn't even something I thought of for that!

    Your bread looks great. Hope your sleeping patterns get back to normal soon - I think mums always wake at the slightest sound, even years later, I'm afraid...

  2. yes, sometimes I remember the olden days with such envy. sleeping until nearly noon on occasion!! ahhhh. someday. xo m


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